SERV Herts and Beds First Half Year 2019 Performance

SERV Herts and Beds First Half Year 2019 Performance

The demand and responses for the NHS and other health organisations in the first half of 2019 continues to grow. Providing urgent blood for patients, and Human Donor Milk to premature babies, saves lives. Its simple, and the members at SERV Herts and Beds are hugely proud to be helping.

For the half year January to June 2019, we handled 880 requests, of those 194 were the carriage of Human Donor Milk, Luton and Dunstable Hospital had 172, and Lister Hospital in Stevenage 153.  Watford general then 120 and Bedford 99.

We currently have around 90 members, including 7 new joiners that are under training.

Looking back over 12 months, our rolling total is 1,866. Dave Wilson still leads the group with 168 runs, and John McCombe not far behind with 130. Real people making a huge difference.

Looking at this year, Dave Wilson still leads the pack, with John McCombe and Mike Coughtrey close on his heals.

June 2019 was slightly down on May, with 151 tasks, May had been 157. Of those 151, 33 were for Hearts Milk Bank, Luton and Dunstable had 27, Lister 28. Watford and Bedford Hospitals had 19.

Our feet utilisation and the use of Cars and Bikes followed a similar trend. Fleet bikes were used for 24 runs in June, members used their own bikes on 54 occasions, and cars were used on 22 tasks.

What we need now is additional members to supplement what we have, as both rider/driver or controllers, or even both. We also need donations to help maintain the service, please encourage individuals and organisations to visit our web page to see how they can donate.

Good work everyone, I am very proud to be part of this group


Ian Hunt - Chair

Ian Hunt