April 2019 Activities

SERV Herts and Beds April programme of requests was another extremely busy one. Our membership of 71 volunteers undertook many challenges from our clients. Total jobs for April being 171, up from 125 the prior month.

Of those 171, 82 were completed using the volunteer’s own bikes, 63 by their own cars, and 26 by fleet bikes.

So far this year are running total is around 600 such requests, well on target to be above our last record total for the year.

Three riders specifically were in to double figures for their contribution in April, John Holmes, John McCombe and Dave Wilson.

The client making the most requests again was Hearts Milk Bank, at 41, closely followed by Luton and Dunstable with 40, and Watford General at 27.

Our busiest controller based on the number of tasks ‘controlled’ was David Farley with 32, closely followed by Barbara Dalby at 26. Controlling is a vital and challenging task.

Two unique runs associated with Donor milk were to a mum at a home address in Oxford, a round trip in excess of 110 miles. Another was from a donor in Wolverhampton via the Midlands Freewheelers Group, handing over to SERV Herts and Beds at J15A on the M1.

What we carry is split between Blood, Platelets, Milk and Specimens, all having around 40 deliveries. The group that we work with the most is SERV Suffolk and Cambridge, making 18 handovers in total.

Great work from a fantastic team, giving their time and vehicles to a worthy and potentially lifesaving cause. Thanks to all involved.

Ian Hunt - Chair

Ian Hunt