FJR Number 4, Courtesy of Herts County Council and Stevenage Conservative Councillors

LG68 GJK, is our 4th FJR, earlier this year we took formal handover at Stevenage Fire and Rescue Station. The Fire and Rescue Service have supported us with offers of venues for meetings as well as storage for bikes and equipment when needed and its always good to get the chance to pay them a visit and show our thanks.

The bike was formally handed over by Councillor Douglas Bainbridge, who had been working tirelessly with both authority groups to raise the funds needed and SERV are very grateful for his efforts.

As a biker himself we had to let him try it out, but kept a close hold on the keys.

Thanks to all associated with this delivery. Already the bike is in regular use, delivering blood and medicines for the residents of Herts and Beds and potentially saving lives across our area.

SERV volunteers give there own time and own fuel and costs to enable this essential service to operate

Ian Hunt